2020 Goal: Use Github with students

Github is a well-known version control tool that is widely used in Industry. The goal is to ensure that students use github when they develop programs so that they get into good habits and become both familiar and comfortable using git.

Given that some University students have been offered jobs in industry based on their activity on Github, exposing students to that system now is a massive opportunity and it is something that should be done well.

Plan of Action

  • Make videos that can be used by all students showing how to set up a repo, commit changes and retrieve code
  • Insist that all senior students set up github accounts at the start of the year (if they have not already done so)
  • Routinely use github desktop to create a new repository for each practice task / assessment (for both programming and databases)
  • Remind students to make regular commits and show them how to retrieve code from a previous commit where necessary
  • When students need help, use git to share code and possible solutions (this can be done by forking the code and recommending that students accept the resulting pull request).
  • Use github classroom to manage assessment so that I own the assessment repo

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