Professional Reading: Culturally Responsive Teaching Strategies


The article above had some useful ideas about relating to students but most of the content was neither new nor ground-breaking. One reason that the article was not as helpful as it could have been was that it was quite generic. In my current school, we have a diverse student population with a significant number of Maori and Polynesian students. It would have been helpful to have concrete examples of how teacher’s can leverage these student’s cultures in a range of situations.

The information supplied by the Ministry of Education on supporting Pasifika learners is a much more useful source of material / ideas.

Having said that, both the blog post and the Ministry advice some things in common such as…

  • Know your students and foster positive relationships with them and their families
  • Where possible, set up curriculum materials so that their cultures are acknowledged
  • Give students choice about what / how they learn and support them in playing to their strengths