Professional Reading: Inquiry-based or teacher-directed science?

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This was an interesting read as I had assumed that Inquiry based learning in Science would result in higher achievement compared with teacher directed instruction. In whole-school PD sessions, we are routinely encouraged to opt for a student-centered model where students have more control over what they learn as this should, theoretically improve both motivation and engagement.

The article showed that whilst this might be the case for high achieving students who reap slight benefits from an Inquiry model, overall teacher-directed instruction is associated with higher PISA Science scores. In schools where students are already disadvantaged, using a high level of Inquiry based Science instruction has resulted in lower achievement which is problematic.

Given the upcoming RAS review and changes to NCEA, I can’t help but wonder whether the government is aware of the risks of changing to a project based learning model where Inquiry forms a significant part of the model.