Level 1 Resources (Feedback)

In late 2017 I created a series of resources to teach web, databases and planning / programming for the new level 1 standards.

Thus far the material has been well received. Below are some of the comments that have arrived in my in-box.

Hey Jennifer, actually took the time to go through your resource today – can I just saw WOW, absolutely spot on, wonderful and well developed resource. I am kicking myself that I didn’t start the year with it – I think the thought of php xammp put me off. The use of check points, regular validating, CSS grids, use of free software – blown away – really liked it.. Well done 🙂

Dave Roberts, via NZACDITT mobilise, commenting on 91880 resource, web context


Awesome thanks and well done with the work – it’s very professional and will be an awesome asset for new and experienced teachers

Alister Gray, via NZACDITT mobilise, commenting on all three resources


The resource was fantastic thank you! This is my first year teaching DT, so was very helpful for a beginner in making concrete what the AS is actually asking for. The programme has a nice gentle learning curve and scaffolds nicely. I’ve made a few changes to the marking schedule (adapted from Lucky Unicorn) for clarity. Students seemed to enjoy it too. Mostly boys in my class – they love the problem solving / programming, but getting them to document their work was a mission.

Steve, via NZACDITT mobilise, programming resource