2016 – Moderation (Highly Confident)

Moderation Reports for standards 91071, 91372 and 91633 show 8/8 agreement.

Overview for all three reports states…
“NZQA is highly confident in the assessor’s ability to make assessment judgements at the national standard
for the sample of student work supplied. Decisions and teacher comments show clear understanding of the
national standard and assessment practice.”

.pdf’s are here:
91071 (Level 1 Digital Media)
91372 (Level 2 Programming, Planning)
91633 (Level 3 Complex Databases)

I was pleased with the reports but must confess to be surprised with the 8/8 agreement for 91633 as my students did not always provide evidence of planning / designing their outcomes. Next time around I will be aiming to improve this aspect of how the standard is delivered.