2017 EDEM626

This was a year-long course offered by Canterbury University. I was an awarded an overall grade of A+ for this paper.

The focus is on Teaching Computer Science and topics covered included…

  • CS change & culture
  • Algorithms
  • Data representation
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Programming languages
  • Coding
  • Graphics and Vision
  • Complexity and tractability
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Formal languages
  • Software engineering
  • Network protocols

There were three assignments in the course. My assignment work and results are below. For the major assignments (1 and 3) my lecturers asked permission to share the material with future students as an example of high quality work (permission was granted).

Assignment 1 | Feedback (Grade: A)
Assignment 2 | Feedback (Grade: A+)
Assignment 3 | Video Presentation | Feedback (Grade: A+)

My overall grade for the course was an A+. You can download the official transcript (grade confirmation) at the preceding ink.