2018 Goal (Y10 Web Design)

Aim: To successfully teach Y10 web design.

Rationale: This year is the first time that I have had the opportunity to teach Y10 students. Web design is currently part of their course and the aim is to provide them with a stepping stone so that they are excited about web design and feel confident taking Web Design at senior level.

Action Plan

  • Create a basic template (html and css) that students can use to create a simple page
  • Create a video series showing students how to edit and customise the template
  • Encourage students to experiment with their work and, where possible go beyond what is shown in the video by using W3C schools / other tutorials as necessary

Year End Reflection
This topic was successfully taught to my second semester Y10 class at Massey High School. In general the students found following the videos quite straight forward and using a custom-made video series made it easy for me to support individual students as needed.

It was great to see students who understood the material helping their peers. This happened naturally and made it possible for everyone to experience success. At the end of the topic, all the students in the group managed to pass the Unit Standard US 18734 (Create a web page using a template) which is worth 2 level 1 credits.

Next year the plan is to re-use the resource developed this year as it worked really well.

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