2018, T3, W2 Observation

Year Level: 11
Topic: Knowledge of Digital Media

Here is the observation:

I was please with how this lesson went. Most of the students were on task most of the time and the use of a google classroom / google site is working well for us. This has allowed students to work at their own pace (within reason) and those who have finished their practice essays have been able to move onto the assessment which means that time in class is being used well.

As a result of this observation, I have moved one of my students away from distractions and it is hoped that this will be beneficial. One thing that I need to do going forward is have a statement at the start of each video which says what the goal for the video is. This will probably involve putting in a text overlay once the video has been made. This is an easy way to ensure that students understand the learning objective for each part of a given lesson.

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